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Thanks to all of you, and your love and support, a long held dream has come true. I am an honest to goodness published author!!!

What a ride! The last couple of weeks have been crazy. I closed escrow on my Vegas house and began moving in, AND officially released Kingston Court into the atmosphere. The house is gorgeous and the book sold more copies in the past two weeks than many books sell in a lifetime. I could not be more grateful to each and every one you who has made time in your busy lives to make this story an ongoing success. #bookloversrule

Meanwhile, I’m figuring out the living situation. For now, my boys are enrolled in school in San Diego. I travel to Vegas when the kids are with their dad to visit my Superguy  and work on getting our house in order.


A face worth traveling for.


It’s a lot of back and forth. Josh and Alex are living in-between two apartments while both of their parents have second homes in distant cities. It isn’t ideal and at some point soon, it would be great if we could all settle down into something more traditional.

All of this and the everyday minutia of life marches on. Josh is experiencing the “joy” of middle school where everyone is trying their hardest to be exactly like everyone else. Alex is hitting the third grade where homework has become a REALLY big deal. New math makes as much sense to me as dancing on my fingertips, so big-brother has been stepping in to help.

Darby the dog travels wherever the boys go, and I tried to leave our high-maintenance cat in Vegas but she revolted and went on a scratching and pooping spree at the new digs. She even peed on the kitchen countertop, just to make sure her feelings were fully transparent. Gabby-cat is a SoCal lady. So she too is back here in San Diego, in our cramped apartment, where she manages to keep her feline aggression in check … most of the time.

Gabby escaped her crate on the long drive home. (That fake smile on my face is screaming, “This is not Fu**ing happening!)


On the horizon, there are book festivals to attend, TV interviews to tackle, and at least one book club at my place to enjoy. Kingston Court reviews are rolling in from the U.S. and abroad, and so far they’ve been good … fingers crossed.


Life in transition is a thick soup of beauty and chaos.



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