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OMG!!!!  Choosing Hope’s official book release is less than 2 weeks away. Halloween, October 31. (In honor of my dad’s birthday. He is with me in spirit cheering me on.)

So you’d think with 13 days left to go before Choosing Hope makes its grand debut, I’d be already to go. NOPE!!!

I didn’t like the way the book cover was looking in pictures. As pretty as was, it didn’t POP. It wasn’t catching my eye.

So at the very last moment, I asked my cover designer to take it up a notch… and he did. KAPOW.

Here is the New and Improved cover:



And if all that gorgeous color wasn’t enough, I thought I’d update my back cover blurb as well. I took a poll on social media and you all gave me wonderful feedback that led to an attention grabbing new blurb.

Thank you for all of your help my friends!!!  You make my books better 🙂


“A perfectly beautiful love affair gone terribly wrong. Choosing Hope is a love story, a nightmare, and a lesson to the world all in one.” – Mandy Urena, author of Touchy, Feely, Squeezy: Musings of a Masseuse

A broken marriage.

A love affair.

A lie that changes it all…

Hope Sullivan has been with the same man since her freshman year of college. She knows her marriage has its cracks, but she doesn’t realize how much resentment she has buried, or chosen to blame on herself, that is until a family tragedy forces her to reevaluate her long held beliefs.

When her husband isn’t there for her, Hope’s first love steps in and offers her a way out. Adrian, appears to be everything her husband isn’t.

He’s sexy, strong, and fit. He listens to her, sympathizes with her, and makes her feel valued.  Best of all, Adrian lives for spending time with his kids.

Hope’s affair is just the beginning. Her journey inward will require untangling her complicated past and surviving an astonishing revelation.

Her lover is not who he pretends to be.

She’s searching for her happily-ever-after, and no matter how painful the journey, she’ll find what she’s been looking for all along—the chance to choose Hope.


A spin-off from the best-selling novel, Kingston Court.

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