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El Awake coverEl Awake.

In the year 2115, Eleutherius (El) is struggling to find meaning in a city where most are strangely submissive and unquestioning towards the absolute rule of the merciless authorities. But after discovering the dark truth behind the white city, El ventures on a fast paced and thrilling journey to fight for the freedom of a people he once resented.  

Guided by his now-deceased grandfather’s poems, El’s body and mind must be broken and reassembled, in order that he become stronger and accomplish the work his Grandfather began, all the while struggling against questions of morality and discerning who is friend and who is foe.
On behalf of our growing company, Acorn Publishing, we are excited to welcome the supremely talented Jordan Sala Tenna’s debut novel.  This 23 year-old blew our socks off when we first edited his gripping manuscript. 
Jordan Sala Tenna Pic
Here’s what the man behind the story has to say about himself and his work:   
I grew up interested in fast, action packed thrills, and never would have imagined writing a full-length novel. I hated school and longed for the day to graduate and join the military, but life is unexpected.
The military thing never happened (probably for the best), but something else did. One strange day I opened a Bible, and for the next week I was in tears after reading it. Since then I have been far more interested in reading and writing than I ever was before.
I live with my family in a state below the mainland of Australia named Tasmania. It’s often cold, but even more often green and beautiful with rolling hills, snow capped mountains, overgrown forests, and relaxed people. I spend my days working around the house, writing, and caring for a young golden retriever.
Check out this awesome young adult fantasy book here!!

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