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Forget the celebrities! There are so many provocative, fascinating, Real Life women running around who can inspire us. That’s why I’ve decided, every once in a while on my blog, I’m going to recognize one these fine individuals. For my very first Kick-Ass Woman Blog, I’d like to introduce you to a feisty, out-spoken, break-the-mold and be your-best-self kind of a broad – Alena.


I’ve never met Alena in person. She is a friend of a friend on Facebook. That said, I always get a kick out of her posts. Last week, I got sucked into an online conversation about what women look for in men, and what men look for in women.

The whole subject of dad bod’s came up and a couple of the woman agreed that’s what they like best.


Have you heard about this, women preferring men with middle-of-the road bodies? This got me all irritated and riled up. How sad it is for us poor women, we never hear about men wanting mom bods. WE don’t get full admiration from men or women unless we are the “ideal.”


That’s when Alena piped in with her comments about herself:

I’m a gray haired- 40 yr old, size 14…… I also have smaller tah-tahs and short hair- so by beauty standards everything I “am” is a “no”…. Guess what? Idgaf what the standard is. I’m doing me– and I’m happy as can be- and those who like my kind of “me” let me know. And I don’t hate on my beautiful sisters- skinny or big boobed- long hair- or large and in charge – hell, go-girl, just as happy for them….Empower. Close the magazines- turn off the TV + stop comparing! Vanity is the best way to suck people into their products and make millions- be smarter than that!

How do you not immediately love her?! That is the kind of attitude that changes the landscape. If we love ourselves as we are, other people’s opinions on the subject become irrelevant. Personally, I like long hair, frilly dresses, and lots of lip gloss (even if it only stays on for a total of five minutes…at best.) But that’s the whole point. It’s ok to dress and cut our hair however we like it best. This is a liberated country and we can wear a push-up bra or let them hang free, die our hair blonde, or purple, or go au-natural.

If more of us would take advantage of this freedom and truly adopt Alena’s attitude, the glossy mags would accommodate a wider range of women, our daughters would grow-up stronger and women overall would feel a whole lot better about themselves.

Thanks for your posts Alena. You are my Real Life Kick-Ass Woman!

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  1. loved your article – I have know this amazing woman for many, many years! Cheers to you my old roommate, soul sister and kick ass friend! So nice to see your name in lights! Xo Cat

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