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There’s a new Sci-Fi book waiting to entertain you! K.T. Hanna has just released her debut novel, Chameleon, The Domino Project Book 1.

KT Hanna cover

What’s it about? It follows a mysterious woman named Sai and her newly awoken psionic powers that accidentally destroy her apartment complex. She’s immediately thrown into an intensive training program. Her only options are pass or die.  K.T. Hanna, a transplant to the U.S. from Australia, is a bit of a foreigner herself in a strange new world. I emailed back and forth with her recently to find out more about her must read story:

K.T. Hanna

K.T. Hanna


Holly: OK, K.T., let’s get straight to it, what the heck is psionic power?

K.T.:      Psionic power is mind powers, or power of the mind. I used to play a type of Dungeons and Dragons called Rift – and my favorite character in there was a psionic. It’s related to psychic powers and the paranormal. Like suggestion. In my book I take it to extreme levels, like sinking into someone’s mind and reading their minds, manipulating their thoughts, right through to the manipulation, through the other person’s brainwaves of bodily functions like healing and harming.

Holly: Sounds intense! What inspired you to write this story?

K.T.:   Mind magic has always fascinated me. From simple empathic tendencies, through to Phoenix and Jean Grey in the X-men. This book is a combination of 2 previous ones. I tried to take the best of both worlds.


Holly: What a cool concept. As a fellow new author, I have to ask, what is your biggest fear in releasing your first book?

K.T.:   To be honest? That no one will read it. Because seriously, we write to bring our worlds to life, and it’s already alive for me. So my biggest fear would be for no one else to get to experience the world I love so much.


Holly: I can totally relate to your fear. It’s one thing for people to say bad things about your book, but that they won’t bother to read it all? … Yikes! OK, change of subject, how does your real life inspire you?

K.T.:   I have a 2.5 year old who just makes me believe in living for every day. And if I don’t pursue my dreams, how is that a good example for her. And my husband and his belief in me are pretty amazing too.


Holly: When and where do you write?

K.T.:   I write in a total binge a few times a year in my pretty office that hubs set up for me. It’s away from all noises and distractions and has a beach and lighthouse theme. You know, because being from Brisbane, Australia and living in Kansas – I miss the water.


Holly: Last question, give us your best pitch, why should people read Chameleon?

K.T.:   Hmmm. Because no one is ever perfect, and my characters have flaws and real struggles within themselves and their relationships with others and the world. Or I’d like to think they do.

It’s a kick ass world. There are aliens, privatized government, double agents, perpetrated lies, controlling drugs that become psychedelic if people with the wrong genetic makeup take them… It’s a big world, a post-post apocalyptic future in the wake of a meteor eco-disaster that alters earth’s atmosphere and shorelines.


That’s the book. I hope the story speaks for itself.


Holly: Thanks so much for all of your time K.T. I know a lot people are definitely GOING to read this book. Better yet, they will get all swooped up in your dynamic world and be waiting with baited breath for Book 2.

To order a copy for yourself, check out KT’s website or click here.

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