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I stopped blogging last summer after I left Las Vegas and moved back to San Diego.

When life rocks your foundation, sometime it is best to go quiet, and allow yourself the empty vacuum of space to reflect and heal.

I have used these past eight months to rebuild. For me, that has meant the power of prayer to the universe, writing myself a note each day to celebrate something positive, yoga, walking, weight lifting, focusing on my business (Acorn Publishing) and my beautiful children, and writing my story.

Our intern posted this quote by P.D. James on twitter recently that I absolutely LOVE!

I have used the art of writing to OWN the lessons I’ve learned and transform them into something that makes sense to me.

The rough draft of my next novel is complete!!!

Choosing Hope is the story of a woman, Hope Rains Sullivan, who learns the hard way she needs to choose herself. It is my deepest,  most personal work to date, and I absolutely can not wait to share it with you when it’s fully polished and ready to shine.

In the meantime, a move is in the works. I bought a shitty townhouse in a magnificent location and my boys are I preparing to make it GORGEOUS. I promise to check in with you a little more often from now on and keep you posted.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our journey!!! Sending you all love and light. ??✨

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